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A traditional Master Signwriter, I completed a five year time-served apprenticeship with a Master Signwriter in Worcester between 1979 and 1984. I was taught a raft of signwriting skills from basic lettering techniques to blended shading, reverse glass writing and gilding (in both water and oil) and remained with the Master for a further four years. I have sign-written on vehicles, narrow boats, fascia boards, windows and upon surfaces as diverse as wood, metal, glass, brickwork, plaster and even leather ‘bookies’ satchels  Nowadays my work is centred around providing bespoke, individual hand-painted signage for people eager to embrace traditional skills in a modern mass-produced world. Predominantly this leads me to painting historic classic vehicles, canal boats, pub signage, honours boards and even pin-striping judicial wig boxes!

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Traditional signwriting including: gilding (water & oil), glass writing, narrow boats & historic vehicles.



Legal Wig boxes

Tin wig boxes for Judges, Barristers and others involved in the Courts across the commonwealth. They are manufactured locally to me and powder coated before I then add seven lines and a small frontal motif using bronze powder mixed with varnish. Unfortunately the retailers won’t have them lettered by hand; they have vinyl lettering applied instead! I have completed over 500 of these tins for worldwide shipment.