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I am weaver, spinner and dyer of 14 years experience. I teach both spinning and weaving on a rigid heddle loom. For spinning, I teach from beginners to advanced with art yarn courses. With weaving, if you have never done any weaving, it could be simple plain weave, or learning to use a double heddle. My products are a combination of hand dyed hand spun fleece, which is then woven into products. My style is to create fabric that does not look like it could be factory made and has strong Saori influences. But by using my own hand spun yarns and more especially art yarns, the end product is unique.

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Weaver and Spinner of 14 years experience, during which time I have studied and taken courses to extend my abilities. I have woven on 8 and 16 shaft looms, but now choose a simpler way of being creative. I have sold art yarns previously for others to use in their work, but now just use them to make my own scarves and shawls.
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