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Michael, a born and bred Orcadian, who has been practicing the craft of wood turning for over 25 years, is self-taught. Michael has honed his skills using a combination of practice, experimentation and his desire to produce fine attractive pieces. He was accepted onto the Register of Professional Turners in 2017

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Influence and inspiration is drawn from the works of Neolithic inhabitants of ancient Orkney. During the long bright summer days, the light on the landscapes inspires new designs, while the long dark nights of winter is the time when he is most productive in his workshop. Wood is obtained from sustainable sources and is processed on site with our own sawmill, from log to finished piece. The traditions and culture of the islands are an important part of Michael’s life and his work reflects his affinity with Orkney and its heritage of craftsmanship. All this results in Michael creating unique, tactile pieces to enhance any home or other surroundings.
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Michael Sinclair RPT Woodturner
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Our home, beautiful Orkney

We live in the heart of Neolithic Orkney. We bought an acre of field and have created our own little haven. All the buildings are predominantly timber, house, workshop, gallery and various other buildings, you can’t have too many sheds!!!! For obvious reasons we chose timber as Michael had a good knowledge of the material and we could build with it ourselves. The house was completed in 2010 and features many things that suit our lifestyle. As well as woodturning Michael loves to cook so we have a large open plan, slightly commercial kitchen. To relax, we have an American pool table, a spar bath and a 52″ TV (not all in the same room). We collect art, bronzes and woodturning from other turners. Outside we have created a sheltered formal garden, a large grassed area for games and fun with the dogs and a wildlife area with a large natural pond inhabited by fish, frogs and lots of other interesting beasties. This area has mowed paths for access and a small decking area next to the pond for those wonderful long summer evenings. Right at the bottom is a small summerhouse used for sitting with a glass of wine and watching the birds. At the back of the house is a yard leading out via a driveway to the road giving easy access for our customers visiting the gallery and workshop. The other 3 sides are surrounded by open farm land and stunning views over Orphir hills and even to Hoy hills.

We are now into January and planning the year ahead. We have a local exhibition coming up in February, but our main focus is on the tourist season. Orkney is becoming a real go to place and the season is extending and getting extremely busy. There is a fantastic buzz to the place and all it has to offer.

Having a look through the catalogue of pieces Michael has made. It is surprising how I have forgotten about some of them and fascinating to see where in the world they are now. This has revved me up and I am excited for this season. Looking forward to meeting more new people from around the world and close to home and maybe catching up with some we met last summer.

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Beautiful scenery, wildlife, excellent food, fantastic music and a warm welcome