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Making heirloom garments requires fine sewing skills (both machine and hand sewing) during the construction process as well as the decorative phase. Techniques used are: french seems, felled seems, hem stitches, variety of embroidery styles, smocking, insertions of delicate lace, ribbons and complimentary fabric, Madeira hems and applique, tucks, piping and so on. These garments are made to be treasured and handed down by generations. Some examples include Christening gowns, wedding gowns, flower girl's dresses, page boy's outfits, occasion wear such as Easter or Christmas outfits and so on. Heirloom is one of the oldest styles of specialty sewing. This precise and delicate type of stitching is said to have started in the late 1800s by French nuns who hand-stitched exquisite laces onto delicate fabrics for royal families. Their craftsmanship was so incredible, the resulting gowns and linens were painstakingly preserved and handed down from one generation to the next; hence an heirloom.

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