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Mark McKellier is a graphic designer with over 25 years experience. Mark now uses his love of typography, patterns and letterpress printing to design and make wood type ornaments, borders and replacement letters. Although largely self taught (a steep learning curve of over 6 months working out how to make type high blocks) Mark comes from a family of wood workers. With a collection of over 50 cases of wood type and two printing presses (a Cropper Charlton ‘Peerless No. 2’ treadle platen and a Farley Proofing press) Mark originally made woodtype for himself to replace missing letters before realising he wasn’t the only printmaker with that problem and so McKellier Wood Type was born in 2018. Combining modern CNC cutting technology with traditional methods (including a restored 1960’s Funditor printer’s table saw) he aspires to produce woodtype to the standards of Delittle and Day & Collins. Mark welcomes commissions and collaborations - get in touch here

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Letterpress Catchwords – set of 4 – 6 line size

Newly cut letterpress catch words, designed by Mark McKellier. Set of four including ‘The’, ‘and’, ‘with’ and ‘for’.

6 line version cut from end grain English beech wood using a combination of modern CNC technology and traditional hand woodworking tools (including an original printers saw), made to English type-high (0.918in or 23.3mm) within plus or minus 0.2mm tolerance, with a traditional polished shellac printing surface.

Other sizes available – please ask.

English end grain beech, clear shellac

Made and Designed in Wales by Mark McKellier