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I am interested in doll-making as a domestic craft and folk art tradition where both the process of making and the finished doll are a form of storytelling.  I research the social and cultural influences of doll-making by investigating examples held at museums or in archive settings and by replicating construction techniques.  My dolls fit into one of the following categories: Elemental (made with basic stitchery techniques and incorporating natural objects, elemental dolls are both primitive and profound, having a history of being used as curse dolls, effigies, poppets and totems); Cloth (a more complicated construction with jointed limbs leads to a recognisable human form and the opportunity for more nuanced storytelling. I specialise in making cloth dolls which reflect on the role of women as carers in recent times); Armature (the use of an interior wire allows a doll to be posed and thus a more sculpted appearance to the body posture can be suggested.  Limbs can be positioned to give a suggestion of interrupted articulation or paused movement, useful in creating tableaux); Art (combining stitchery and embellishment with any or all of the above techniques is the basis of an art doll).

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Cloth Doll Making (simple, primitive, jointed,with or without armature, surface embellishment and needle-sculpture).  Interested in the making and use of cloth dolls by women as pragmatic expressions of personal identity and social context.