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Designer, maker and teacher of handmade traditional and contemporary bobbin lace. Lace has traditionally been a symbol of wealth and worn to make the wearer feel beautiful. It was created by poorly paid workers for the rich. Today this has shifted and now the engagement and participation is more important than the finished product, so lace still enriches lives and enthralls all practitioners.

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Specialises in traditional Bedfordshire and Bucks Point, with particular interest in 19th century Thomas Lester designs. Using traditional techniques to stretch boundaries in contemporary application and appearance.  
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Yes, by appointment only
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Louise West Lace Design
Friar Gate Studios
Ford Street

Plant Stems

Plant stems is a group of free standing wire columns, which use traditional grounds of lace for the patterning, and created using traditional techniques. Plants have long informed lace design and using this influence, I researched contemporary plant issues to create ‘genetically modified’ lace incorporating the DNA helix in the largest column, representing plant breeding to produce bigger and bolder lace for the 21st century.

Generally the public overlooks the intricacies of lace in exhibition, in the same way that many lacemakers overlook the grounds that form the supporting structure of the design elements, and I wanted to shift this perception in both, by making the viewer look deeper into meaning, before realising that the construction is of bobbin lace.