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Designer, maker and teacher of handmade traditional and contemporary bobbin lace. Lace has traditionally been a symbol of wealth and worn to make the wearer feel beautiful. It was created by poorly paid workers for the rich. Today this has shifted and now the engagement and participation is more important than the finished product, so lace still enriches lives and enthralls all practitioners.

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Specialises in traditional Bedfordshire and Bucks Point, with particular interest in 19th century Thomas Lester designs. Using traditional techniques to stretch boundaries in contemporary application and appearance.  
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Yes, by appointment only
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Louise West Lace Design
Friar Gate Studios
Ford Street

Blackthorn Reborn

This piece of wire sculpture was created in traditional techniques using an 18th century piece of lace as inspiration, from the collection at the Bowes Museum, in the Blackborne Collection. It stands almost 5′ tall on the plinth and is free standing.

It reflects on lace held in collections – by the flowers contained within the structure, and conditions of the protected environment, which despite the best possible conditions sometimes still lead to some deterioration and a few flowers fraying from the design and escaping.

It uses elements of the traditional piece that was the inspiration and traditional techniques of bobbin lace but created to reflect of a quote in the ‘Fine and Fashionable’ exhibition catalogue from the Bowes “Lace combines the qualities of the phoenix and a chameleon; it has risen again and again from the ashes of a seemingly final slump, to reappear in a different guise to suit a different age”