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I'm a stone carver, designer and conservator based in the North East of England. I grew up in Northumberland and have always been passionate about stone carvings and historic buildings. After originally training and working as a conservator for private conservation companies in Scotland, I then, with the support of Historic Environment Scotland and an Award from the Heritage Crafts Association, went on to train as a stone carver, working in the UK and mainland Europe before setting up my own workshop near Belford in 2018 and forming my business, The Northumbrian Stone Carver.

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I specialise in making bespoke memorials, inscriptions and sculpture in local stone as well as architectural carvings, stone conservation and lime mortar for historic buildings.
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Yes, by appointment only
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Available - please ask about pricing


United Kingdom


Stone sculpture of hare in Hazeldean Sandstone quarried from South Charlton, Alnwick.