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Louisa Raven creates a range of functional glass pieces, stylish shapes in a subtle colour palette inspired by the natural world. She trained at The International Glass Centre, Brierley Hill, before completing an M.A. at The Royal College of Art. "I make things which I hope will bring joy to people every day. Not things to save for best, but to use and enjoy. There’s something intrinsically pleasing about using a functional object which carries within it a spirit of authenticity and craftsmanship."

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Contemporary hand-made blown glass.  


Louisa Raven Glass
Bullaces Lane
LE17 6AL

Pebbles Tumbler

Clear glass with grey coloured spots, inspired by beach pebbles.

Each one is unique and individual. Nobody will ever have the same glass as you. They are great for juice or water, but equally happy as a G&T or wine glass – if, like me you enjoy drinking wine Spanish style, from a tumbler!

Height approx 8cm.