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I am a self taught shoe maker and martial artist. My Argentinean great granfather was a saddler and a 'Gaucho' (Argentinean cowboy). One of his daughters (my great antie) was a shoe maker in Buenos Aires. Then my father did leatherwork whilst studying Fine Arts. My passion to Ninjutsu Martial Arts took me to tabi making. From the experience of wearing leather tabi I started making shoes that could mimic the same feel, which led me to research and develop my own barefoot shoe brand. My business Gaucho Ninja makes barefoot shoes that you will never want to take off. Shoes that are good for your health. Shoes that look good and are incredibly crafted. We design minimalist footwear that is ethical and sustainable. Completely made by hand in England by skillful makers paid a fair wage. We can trace to origin all the materials that we use. All the leather is bark tanned in small traditional tanneries from UK and Spain, some of them are considered National Heritage and most of these tanneries are the last of their lineage.

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Shoe and boot making. Shoe design. Belt making. Bag making, Accessory making. Leather garment making. Shoe last design and creation.