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I am a sculptor, maker who works in stone, wood, clay, metal and paint. I would like to diversify to glass and create sculptures that include all these elements. I love traditional & creative skills and refuse to only use one! I run a rural arts in Hampshire, between Petersfield & Winchester. From there I teach teenagers who don't access school, all forms of arts, and I get them through Art GCSE and sometimes A-level. They travel around the country to come and they thrive in the multi disciplinary studio environment, where anything creative can happen. Most students have been let down in the school system and most are near diverse, intelligent, sensitive and creative. They come under the Home Education banner so there is no funding for them or the classes but the evidence of need and success is there. I also teach stone carving to adults and have recently set up copper smithing workshops. My partner is a blacksmith and together we are looking fo an old farm where we can set up an Artisan Village to allow workshops in all the skills, to all the community. The important factor is to make sure it is affordable and accessible for the actual artisans to be there so we are passionate about the notion of creating low impact living spaces and reducing our carbon footprint by living near our work. We want to pioneer this in serval places to ensure heritage and creative skills are passed on and are accessible to all. The link to our campaign is here:

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I specialise in stone carving, teaching and sculpting. Also in copper and steel work but am still looking for an affordable workshop to set up the forge and big equipment so until then my focus is on teaching heritage skills to small groups from the Granary. I also do outreach and teach graffiti art and clay portraiture to teenagers and get them to create exhibitions. A link to my work is here:


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Copper Sculpting workshop

Come and learn chasing, forming and repousse with Kezia Hoffman at the Granary Creative Arts Centre in Hampshire.

January 14th 2023

This day workshop is suitable for beginners and makes an excellent gift too. You will be encouraged to experiment whilst learning technique and shown how to create sculptural forms. Copper is supplied but bring cash if you want to buy extra. Small groups only, feel free to ask for additional dates. Email: