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I am a Lapidary artist (stone carver), I also use this method with wood, fossil and shell.  If possible I prefer to use reclaimed, second hand, beach combed and sustainable materials, and slowly working on my ethics with in the stone area, trying to slowly find direct links to mines and collectors. I am also a metal caster specialising in sterling silver in delft clay using fossils as the original mold.

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Polynesian, Bohemian, minimal and spiritual design for the stone work, with an open mind to slowly moving in to Celtic and Nordic design. I use spiritual and paleontology design for the silver casting.
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Yes, by appointment only
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Available - please ask about pricing


Totally Polychromatic
Studio 3C Nucleus Arts Centre
272 High Street
United Kingdom

925 Sterling Silver Ammonite fossil casting.

I am a lover of fossils along side a lover of history. The ammonite is one of my favourites be it the quartz specimen from Madagascar, the limestone specimen form the Jurassic coast or the pyrite specimen from Folkstone. This casting is prepared in a delft clay mold with a round canister and using 925 sterling silver grain. The centre cabochons  is a small piece of New Zealand Paua abalone shell.