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From Basket to Field... We are willow growers, willow weavers and willow tutors based in the beautiful Brechfa Forest in West Wales.  Although we don't sell dried willow to weave baskets with, we do sell high quality willow cuttings (over 250 varieties) so you can grow your own basketry willow. We also weave willow baskets, including the traditional Welsh Cyntell agricultural basket, Irish Skibs, Spanish Zarzo baskets and a wide range of sculptures. We run a wide range of willow workshops in West Wales (Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire) and can offer bespoke workshops to suit your needs and interests.

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We supply high quality willow cuttings (December - March) so you can grow your own willow for basketry, living willow, ornamental use, early bee pollen.  We grow naturally without the use of any herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. We also specialise in weaving Welsh baskets eg The Cyntell - a framed basket used in agriculture.  


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Welsh Cyntell Agricultural Basket

Beautiful, traditional framed basket made entirely from willow.