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Scotland’s premier manufacturer of products for re-enactment, buhurt, LARP, HEMA, museums and film/TV productions. Providing an extensive range of historical archery, quilted armour and arming products, historical clothing, maille and accessories across a range of periods and disciplines.

We also offer a range of custom screen printed, embroidered, sublimation printed and vinyl decorated garments and lifestyle accessories created for you by our in-house team. We are specialists in reproduction of heraldic designs in embroidery for use in today’s world.

We ship worldwide.

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Traditional self ash longbows, hand fletched arrows, flemish bow strings. Historical padded armour and clothing for a range of periods. Maille garments. Specialist technical garments for historical martial combat disciplines of HEMA and buhurt. Leather bottles and costrels. Commissioned garments for cosplay and LARP. Embroidery services, historical and modern apparel. Custom screen printing services.  
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Leather bottles and costrels

Leather bottles and costrels. Made from vegetable tanned leather, hand stitched with linen, hardened and sealed with beeswax. Features leather carrying strap and hand turned wood stopper attached with leather thong.