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Jack of all crafts, master of none. I'm a keen Viking reenactor and set out with the goal of learning historical crafts. Drop spindle spinning and nalbinding lead to an interest in plant dyeing and sewing with natural fibres like wool and linen. I'm passionate about sustainability and aim to be as close to zero waste as possible with all crafting. Almost all plant dyeing is done with sustainably foraged or home grown materials. I am a keen visible mender and aim for everything I make to last as long as possible and be repairable. I've recently fallen in love with spinning on a wheel and have started making and selling zero waste yarns using waste fibre.

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Sustainable crafting, spinning, plant dyeing, visible mending, nalbinding, knitting.
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Yes, by appointment only
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All Finnished – Hand-spun finnish wool.

Hand-spun Finnish sheep wool in a mix of soft natural colours.