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John Cowan's baskets are all handmade by John in his small workshop in Lanark using UK-grown willows, hazel, and occasionally rattan when he is reproducing a few traditional basket styles. Most of the willow John uses is unstripped so the natural and varied colours of willow bark, as well as its ephemeral fragrance are features of his baskets. John reproduces traditional basket designs that were once commonplace in agriculture and the fishing industry, but are now used domestically as sturdy log baskets or attractive storage baskets.

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Specialised in
Traditional UK basket designs
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Yes, by appointment only
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Available - please ask about pricing


John Cowan Baskets
ML11 9AA

‘Fitched’ fruit picker baskets

This is the UK agricultural fitched strawberry picker style used to pick the berries for jam making. It may be a bit big for picking strawberries in your garden but it is a good produce gathering basket which can also be used as an attractive work/hobby basket

Made in golden brown & light brown willows

Width 11″ x 9.5″ tall (approximately 15″ tall including the handle.)

Width 28 cm x 25 cm tall (approximately 39 cm tall with handle.)