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About Joanna Myles

A printer, painter, and potter working from my studio in Sussex I create beautiful handmade art, wallpaper, and objects to be cherished in your home. Trained as a master printer I mainly work with relief printing methods producing Ltd edition lino prints inspired by nature and the beautiful landscapes here in Sussex. Through an ongoing research project into the late great Peggy Angus, I discovered the craft of Lino printing wallpaper by hand, having spent time with those that printed for Peggy I have learned her method and adapted it to create a way of making here within my studio. The patterns I design and print in turn inspire the paintings I create which also include the pottery I've started to make this year.

Further Info

Specialised in
  • Hand-printed Lino-Print Wallpaper
  • Ltd Edition lino-prints
  • Repeating prints
  • Hand building one-off artisan pottery
  • Embossed slipware tiles
  • Carved stoneware birds
Open to the Public?
Yes, by appointment only
Provides Course / Training
Available for Craft Fairs
Available - please ask about pricing


Joanna Myles Artist
Dellney Avenue
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 3ND

Lino printed wallpaper

Hand-printed lino block printed wallpaper is a slow timeless craft, you are buying wallpaper made by the artist’s hand.

Created and printed by me, Joanna Myles, in my artist studio here in Sussex, UK.

I believe, as many have done before me, that wallpaper is the background to make your home sing. An extension of interior style and appreciation for a pattern that enhances your living.

I love wallpaper, a lot, and I celebrate the handmade, I like to see the maker in all that I live with, I guess it’s my way of connecting with and appreciating artisan skills.

The irregular texture in my wallpaper is tantamount to the printing technique by the hand of the maker. Minor imperfections are part of the character of the print process and are inevitable with hand lino block printed wallpapers. Each roll of paper is made to order and I make it in batches, it’s best to order per room so I make your wallpaper in one long print run. The irregularity of the block printing, variety of tone, and texture are an essential part of the process and one that I celebrate.

The room/s that you decorate with my wallpaper receive a human touch that will compliment your curated art, objects, and furniture. Do not be afraid to hang art and mirrors on the wallpaper it is made to be a background, one that helps your home shine creatively.

Once hung and dressed in your home expect to be mesmerized by the subtlety of the pressures, tones, and textures that hand block printing brings to the surface of these beautiful hand-printed wallpapers.