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My passion is for the vibrancy and texture of textiles, and coupled with my extensive travels has allowed me access to a wonderful variety of fabrics that I have then block printed using hand made blocks sourced from around the World. Block printing brings an almost limitless scope for variety, colour and design and this I have undertaken printing both in the UK where I live, and also on several trips to Jaipur in India where I have been lucky enough to have access to the most amazing skills, techniques and ages-old workshops. My products focus on various styles of bags, scarves and some home linens, all made by hand.

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Specialised in
  • Blocks: mainly wooden blocks - some hand carved to my own designs by artisans in India, and occasionally use finer metal patterned blocks;
  • Dyes: I emphasise natural pigments, using many plant-based dyes;
  • Fabrics: linen, cotton, boiled wool, pashmina, silk and silk velvet.
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Jenney Wren
United Kingdom

Marigold Silk Velvet Block Printed Scarf

A truly unique silk velvet scarf, which has been hand block printed in a decorative flower and double dyed using pomegranate husks to create this beautiful two tone amber design.

Dabu block printing is an ancient textile printing technique primarily practiced in Jaipur, it is a labour intensive task, using a mud resist and requires several steps in printing and dyeing to achieve this beautiful effect.