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I've been a potter for many years now, but still feel I have so much more to learn, and I've found trying new ideas is the best way. I love nature and use leaves, flowers, bark, colours and texture and anything that inspires me. I love to combine my weave (which I studied at university) with my ceramics. I feel that anything is possible if you try and have a go.

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Specialised in
Ceramics.....open collage network Weaving......degree in textiles


152 Outram Street
NG17 4FT

Rainbow & Sunshine Lamp

This lamp came about purely by accident, a student wanted to make a pumpkin using a balloon, this was just a practice piece to show how it could be done.

I wasn’t sure what design I was going to do and with the current circumstances in the world, rainbows are a sign of hope for many……sunshine or the sun has a general happy feel to it and I have a great love for botany so the flowers just went hand in hand.

This was fired once as I have been experimenting with this technique. It came out ok but there is always room for improvement.