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The business at East Quay in Watchet is dedicated to maintaining the English tradition of making the finest hand-made watercolour paper for artists. All the papers are produced to archival standards using pure Exmoor water from Pitt Mill’s own well and speciality fibres. These are principally cotton and linen flax but other materials such as hemp, esparto, seeds, flower petals and recycled rag are used to impart special characteristics. These fibres are then beaten in water for up to four hours to develop the strength of the fibre, and are internally sized using pH neutral ‘Aquapel’. For coloured paper, light, fast and permanent pigments are added at this stage.  The sheets are formed individually by craftsmen using traditional English hand moulds and deckles giving each sheet characteristic ragged edges and a strength that is a hallmark of European hand-made paper. Each sheet is laid onto cloth felts unique to the mill and pressed four times to impart the gorgeous knot texture for which the mill is noted. Surface sizing with gelatine and slow air-drying high in the rafters of the mill loft complete the process.

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Producers of handmade papers, sketch books and hand-bound journals for watercolour and mixed media work.
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Two Rivers Paper
East Quay
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TA23 0AQ

10 Sheet Pack “Turner Grey” Laid 140lb / 300 gsm Not, Quarter Imperial

“Turner Grey” Laid 140lb / 300 gsm (Not)

Quarter Imperial (11”x 15”)

One short side retains the deckle edge.

Handmade rag watercolour paper  ~ Tub-sized with Gelatin.

This paper is made from cotton and linen rag, with other fibre inclusions, to recreate the tones and surfaces familiar to artists in the late 18th Century. These papers are flecked with fragments of unbleached  linen fibre.

The laid watermark is more prominent on one side and both sides of the sheet can be painted on with equal effect.