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About Jade Maloney B.A. (Hons) M.A.

I specialise in the site based gilding of interiors and studio based production of gilded artworks.

As a process that has defied all methods of modern manufacture, gilding has been classified as an endangered craft by the Heritage Craft Association in recognition of the decline and rarity of master gilders. I am fortunate to have spent over a decade managing gilding projects for some of the country’s finest architects, designers, conservation practices, auction houses and specialist decoration companies. Notable projects to date have included the interiors of Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Academy.

Gilding techniques include oil, acrylic and water gilding in the full spectrum of leaf including platinum, palladium, golds, silver and imitation metals. ​​

In addition to the gilding of interior surfaces and architectural features, studio work includes the production of bespoke verre églomisé artworks, historic and contemporary furniture and a broad range of distressed and antiqued mirrors.

To view a more comprehensive list of projects undertaken and to browse a gallery of gilding work, do visit my website and contact now with any gilding enquiries.

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Specialised in

Architectural Gilding - ceilings, walls and mouldings

Verre Eglomise - water gilding and decorative painting on glass

Gilding of bespoke contemporary furniture and artworks

Conservation and restoration of historic gilded decoration

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Yes, by appointment only
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