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The art of French Beading is said to have originated in France and Italy in the 18th Century, although in reality the craft predates this, originating in Venice.  It was, in fact, that it hit the height of its popularity at this time going through varying waves ever since.  The craft almost disappeared from existence with the outbreak of WW1.  Thankfully, as it was at the beginning, the craft remains due to the tradition of passing skills down through the generations.  Holly feels very privileged to practice this beautiful art. French Beading is the process of stringing thousands of 2mm glass seed beads onto 0.5mm fine craft wire before conducting a series of twists, wraps and weaves to produce floral and botanical sculptures. Holly studies the botanicals in their natural, living form before immortalising them in glass.  As an artist she works closely with nature, the symbolisms of her inspiration, colour theory and the Victorian language of flowers.  It is of great importance to Holly that she is as accurate as possible with her designs as flowers have such a powerful impact on us, they speak.  

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