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Garden Requisites specialise in hand weaving crimped wire, creating wirework mesh panels and products that require knowledge and experience passed down from previous generations of highly skilled wireworkers. Today, Garden Requisites design and manufacture English Wirework and Ironwork products from their workshops in Bath, products ranging from trellis panels, window boxes and arches to steel planters and door canopies.

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Woven wirework Handweaving wire is so endangered today that Garden Requisites are the last company in England that design and manufacture a range of woven wirework products such as arches, trellis panels and nursery fireguards. Woven wire replaced willow during the industrial revolution and today has itself been replaced with machine weldmesh and plastic. Weaving crimped wire by hand is a time consuming and very precise process, resulting in beautifully made products that are very tactile and well designed. All products hot dip zinc galvanized, so will last a lifetime - a truly sustainable solution.
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Wirework Trellis Privacy Panels

Diamond lattice Wall Trellis Panels and posts. Handmade in Bath and hot dip zinc galvanized for a long lasting finish. Bespoke sizes and designs available.