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Heather does Smocking - formally known as Pleat Work in Medieval times. She specialises in English Smocking as widely seen on Victorian Farmers Smocks but she has applied it to many differing projects (see my posts).  Heather is also a qualified teacher and teaches Smocking and basic dressmaking techniques.

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I have been Smocking for over 35 years and have applied this embroidery technique to clothing for adults and children,  wedding dresses, wedding accessories, Christmas decorations and even jewellery, most of which I have designed myself.  But my speciality is making Reproduction Farmers Smocks for adults and children.  I have also designed kits for some of my projects. I also give talks on the history of Pleat Work and its transition into its modern name of Smocking. I am a qualified teacher and have used those skills to teach English Smocking both at the WI's Denman College and workshops.  I am passionate that this beautiful embroidery technique is appreciated and to pass it on so that the skills do not die out.
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Yes, by appointment only
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Heath Road, Hockering
NR20 3JA

Child’s Smock

Made for submission for a Juried Exhibition in Norwich 2022.  This smock is based on a Victorian Round Neck Smock but with a contemporary twist and features Dorset Wheels.