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Hello, I am Harriet, designer, craftsperson and upholsterer. My aim is to restore and create heirlooms for your future, using traditional upholstery techniques, keeping furniture out of landfill and giving them a new lease of life. I love a story - and every chair has one. I like to find out as much as I can through talking to you, leafing through my library of history books and peeling back the layers of original stuffing. So often, the pieces of furniture bought in for re-upholstery have a special place in their owner’s hearts, yet they are past their best and not fulfilling their function. I am invested in bringing these items back to their full potential in a collaborative process with my clients. I work using traditional craft techniques with natural, biodegradable materials.  

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Specialised in
Traditional Upholstery using natural materials; Bespoke Chair Designs; Collaborations with Fabric Designers.
Open to the Public?
Yes, by appointment only
Provides Course / Training
Available for Craft Fairs
Available - please ask about pricing


Hare in the Chair

Detail of Child’s Nursery Chair

Hand-stitched mouse, hides within this nursery chair design.