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I began making Dorset Buttons seven years ago and hugely enjoy exploring and learning about the historical patterns of this traditional craft, but which also allows for continual creative freedom. Within my work I use plant dyed cotton threads and hand dyed wool yarns that are purchased locally as a by-product from blanket weaving. My colour choices are strongly influenced by the natural flora and fauna of the Lake District where I live and work. I incorporate local Herdwick and Swaledale yarns within my button designs. On recent trips around the Solway Coast I have collected pieces of driftwood which has inspired me to create a range of sustainable wall hangings showcasing my Dorset Buttons. Grouped together, large and small, the buttons flow organically across the driftwood, or spaced apart can create a more contemporary piece. I have also completed a second collection using Limpet shells with sea worn holes which emulate the “ring” of a Dorset Button. The use of a natural product on which to begin the practice feels like a direct link back to it’s historical sheep’s horn origins.

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Lakeland Hues.

Traditional Dorset Buttons on driftwood inspired by colours of the Lake District.