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I have been restoring lovely chairs for over forty years using cane, rush, willow and sea grass. I am skilled in restoring DRYAD furniture and similar rattan items. I can reset joints, replace rails and patch broken parts. I also create sculptures, lampshades and bags in macrame. I have restored chairs from all over the country, some people courier chairs to me and quite a few bring their chairs on holiday with them. I do not have a website so have a look at my Facebook page : The Chair Repair Shop

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Rattan lounger

Dryads of Leicester produced these chairs between 1907 and 1937. I had two of them to restore, one woven throughout and the other just rattan. They were both in quite a bad way. They are held together with nails which had rusted through and some of the main supports were broken or missing. Creating the correct curves on the new rattan was challenging. The cane on the woven one was brittle and was completely replaced as were the canes that made the seat and back of the other one.