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Gavin Phillips makes and refurbishes long saws: anything over 3 feet long. Tell Gavin your particular need and he will suggest which saws will likely suit you. If you have saw(s) already, Gavin can sharpen them for you or show you how you can sharpen them. He is in touch with a developing network of saw-filers in UK and USA who exchange ideas, trade supplies, and share knowledge and skills at classes, demonstrations or events. Whilst it may not be Gavin you relate to, you will have a better relationship with your saw and hence with any sawing partner. If you consider buying a newly-made saw or have already just bought one, do contact Gavin for one or two tips that will ease your saw's running. A new saw just out-of-the box usually benefits from a quick check that the teeth do line up. If any are out of joint they snag in the cut no matter how sharp they may be. Gavin sells saws, files, handles and equipment such as spiders, jointers and hammers. He runs courses in Scotland and at the Bodgers Ball on second weekend of May each year.

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