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Silhouettes, landscapes, keepsakes and other artworks. No lasers, CNC, 3D printing or plywood here! I am compelled to work with wood and I am at my most content when at my saw.  In a world full of the mediocre and mass production  masquerading as art and craft, I am determined to at least try to skilfully make something that’s beautiful and one of a kind. So, I create art pieces suggested by the wood I find, the landscapes I love, their inhabitants, and their stories. Working in solid, native or rescued timbers,  I create  intricate images that emerge over many hours of cutting by hand with a scrollsaw. Skill and attention to the material is required, nothing is perfect, nor is it able to be reproduced endlessly at the push of a button. I love to explore the imagery the timber offers up in its  grain pattern, the contrasts within the wood itself, or simply weave the beauty of the wood into my designs.  Its a joy to work a material that’s so giving and I am determined to do justice to the trees that gave it.

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Expressive, precision, hand cut scrollwork /fretwork
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59 Kettering Road
NN14 6JR

Group of nautilus lamps

Lamps inspired by ammonites and nautili designed to show off some lovely veneers.  Stand between 10″ and 13″ high. Mixed Maple or sycamore veneers mounted on an acrylic base.