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Emma is a Jewellery designer and maker based in Glasgow, UK. Originally from The Lake District in Cumbria, Emma has always enjoyed being surrounded by nature and finds her work heavily influenced by the coastal landscapes of Scotland and Northern England. Her current collections are inspired by natural objects found whilst beach combing the along shoreline.

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Emma works with precious metals and stones. Using her own moulds and carving techniques, Emma tries to capture the tactile quality of the objects that many of us pick up from the beach. “I'm fascinated by the way the sea is constantly smoothing and shaping things, eroding the landscape around it.“
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Textured Hollow Ring

The Textured Hollow Ring is inspired by the shape of beach pebbles that have been rubbed smooth and carved by the motion of the waves. Hand-carved and cast in Sterling Silver this ring is one single piece with a hollow centre. Textured with a polished, pitted surface, the organic shape of this ring makes it a very tactile object to wear.


The Textured Hollows Collection is inspired by the textures and surfaces of the sea. Hand carved to resemble the marks and growths that cover the rocks along the coastlines of Scotland. Each piece is hand crafted and unique.