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English Wood Turner - passionate about working with wood using traditional tools and techniques, where design is a fundamental part of my working practice.  Based in Buckinghamshire (UK). I work slowly, using my hands, making a limited quantity of items, from either one off pieces of wood, or shorter runs from a specific piece of timber, where form and function go together.  I'm not a factory producing a fixed range of items. Having worked with wood for over 14 years, I'm still passionate about it. I love the varying texture and characteristics of each piece of timber, particularly on some English Hardwoods which I've sourced locally from places such as the Ashridge Estate (National Trust).  I, quite literally, turn these into beautiful and functional items - bowls and lidded boxes at present. My items are made on a wood turning lathe - machine that spins wood around, I use cutting tools (gouges, skews etc.) held in my hands to shape the wood - no computer controlled machines / CNC - just skill learned through years of working with wood. I don't regard my diagnosis of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS - autonomic condition) & related conditions as a draw back - I may have to work seated, and make a smaller quantity of items, but it does give me a chance to think about each item I make more carefully.  Disability doesn't necessarily mean inability, even if the disability is invisible.

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Elm Small Bowl (Wood Turned)

Wood Turned small bowl, made from Elm, made by myself.