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My wooden Noah’s Ark sets were inspired by the traditional ones I first saw in the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood.  Like those, mine are hand-made and richly painted, designed to be pleasing to the eye and hand, and strong enough to withstand vigorous play.  Each Noah’s Ark set is an individual selection from within my existing range of ark designs and over 100 different pairs of animals.  The list continues to grow.  Both children and adults have asked me to create everything from exotic, extinct and mythical animals, to family pets.  I can also make bespoke arks, based on your own home. The Noah’s Ark - as a story and a toy - has stood the test of time.  Hand-crafted toys are slow to make but their life expectancy is long.  

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All my Ark sets are hand-made in a workshop at the bottom of my garden.  In addition to my painted Ark Sets, I make a set featuring a library of woods which are largely locally sourced.  These include pitch pine, black walnut, apple, pear, oak, magnolia, yew, cherry. The lime wood I use for my painted animals comes from a farmer on Dartmoor who has diversified into selling local timbers. Over the years, customers have expanded my repertoire to include Circus sets, a Hunt set,  Nativity and Farm sets.


28 Bridgetown
United Kingdom

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