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I started my career at F.H Browne's, who specialise in Church Organs in 1995. I decided to follow my passion for Mechanical Organs, moving to Belgium to start a long apprenticeship with Johnny Verbeeck's workshop in 1998. The next step was to move back to the UK to set up D.R Burville Organ Builders. Since starting my career I have been fortunate to work in TV as an expert in my field, and with the filming industry offering a consultation service or set design .

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I specialise in restoring Mechanical Organs and doing historic and conservation restorations. I also offer Modern rebuilds, enlargements, tuning, revoicing and maintenance. I do restorations of unusual mechanical antique novelties and I work in TV restoring a variety of  items. I've worked with the film industry offering a consultation service or set design. Because of my line of work I have to work at very high standard with knowledge on a variety of heritage craft types wood, leather, paper, mechanical, metal and more. I continue to promote these crafts and share them with others of all ages regularly, at events I am invited to with my Mechanical Organ I Rebuilt and Restored.
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