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I make chairs using traditional green woodworking techniques. Starting with fresh felled ash or oak the wood is split and then carved with a drawknife. The finished components have bold facets and follow the natural curves in the wood. I make Welsh stick chairs, following the tradition of country chairs made simply with a minimal set of hand tools. I also make desk chairs and dining chairs using a method know as post and rung in styles similar to those made by Ernest Gimson and the Arts & Crafts Movement. I carve household utensils, mostly spoons but also bowls and cups. I'm know for my painted ware, scoops and spoons that have a think milk paint finish that has an almost ceramic appearance. I regularly teach spoon carving courses and details can be found on my website.

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Handmade greenwood furniture: Welsh stick chairs, post and rung dinning chairs. Spoon carving: runs regular learn to carve courses, makes beautiful wooden spoons for all occasions including Welsh lovespoons.
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Yes, by appointment only
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Available - please ask about pricing


18 Bisley Road
United Kingdom

Welsh Stick Chair – 6 stick