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Joinery As our primary trade not only can we install on site; at our fully fitted industrial workshop we are able to design and create a whole host of wood products to suit your needs. If you need a new custom wooden door built to last, we can do it. If you need a loft hatch frame made before being fitted into your premises, we can put that together for you. Carpentry We are able to offer carpentry services to aid with that final fit and install of and of your construction needs. We are able to construct and repair building framework such as stairways, door frames, partitions and rafters. If it is made from wood we can make, create and repair it. Fine Woodwork (Cabinet/Furniture Making) We love to create some finer aspects of woodwork utilising our carpentry and joinery skills. We make a multitude of bespoke fine woodwork ranging from tables to drawers, chairs to bookcases which we list and sell on numerous platforms. We are also happy to take commissions to suit your home and relish the challenge of making your idea a reality. Design & Concept We love being able to take an idea, that shred of imagination and tease it out into a product. Using our digital design capabilities, we are able to put down an initial brainstorm concept and then use our AutoCAD/CAM software to take the concept to a drawing for construction/fabrication. Metalwork and Fabrication To compliment our Carpentry, Joinery & Woodworking, we offer metal work solutions delivered in house with our fabrication team. We can offer a plethora of metal working from welding to wrought iron work, fabricating to finishing as well as any bespoke work offered to suit your requirements.

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Inlaid glass river table

Here we have one of our custom coffee tables.

For the wood we chose a beautiful piece of live edge spalted beech which had been subjected to CFN beetle and kiln dried. This has left it with some beautiful and distinct markings.

Both halves are cut from the same board and have been debarked, cut to size, planed and also inlaid with a toughened glass panel so that you get an infinity view of the live edge.

We have also fabricated the legs using 40mm x 5mm thick flat bar bent into shape, then drilled and threaded with galvanised M16 rod for extra stability and industrial style.

Finally the wood has had a sanding up to 800 grit after planing and given 4 generous coats of double boiled linseed oil.