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About Craig Dawe

I enjoy craft work and the teaching of crafts, but I have never liked the 'selling yourself' part of being self-employed, so the following is what other people have published about me and my work:
  • Craig has been making baskets out of willow and other plants for many years. He is interested in, and practices, many traditional crafts and skills from different parts of the world. He really enjoys sharing his knowledge with those who want to learn.
  • Workshops: His basket making workshops provide interesting and educational experiences for adults and children whilst teaching a relaxing and useful pastime.  Please get in touch to arrange one-to-one or small group courses.  His summer tours reach many parts of the UK, so feel free to enquire wherever in the UK you may be based.  You could also come along to his drop-in workshops at various summer festivals - email for details.
  • Commissions:  Craig is happy to make almost any shape or size of basket, as well as making rustic wooden furniture, pergolas, log structures, etc.  There are very few practical limitations to what can be done, from a miniature dolls' house basket to a shopping or laundry basket, or even a children's play house, or a medieval style roundhouse.
  • Books:  Craig recently made two little books for his workshop participants.  Willow Basket Weaving for Beginners teaches how to make a simple round basket, and an oval shopping basket.  The techniques, which are demonstrated step by step with photographs taken by his son, an experienced photographer, can then be used to make almost any shape or size of basket.  Making Willow Decorations demonstrates, with clear photography, how to make a range of decorations for any time of year, especially Christmas.  Craig has printed more so they are now available for anyone to buy at £10 each, or only £15 for both books together (UK postage included).

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Specialised in
Basketry and woven seating. Frequently also working with roundwood, clay, stone and thatch.
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Lace bobbins

These two were Craig’s practice pieces for an order of thirty lace bobbins, made to the specifications of an expert lace making teacher.  He would be happy to make more to order (you can add your own weights, or order the bobbins with weights already fitted).