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An Ancient Tradition... Our Master Mason, Master Stephen, is an international Guild Master, one of only twelve such in the world. His geographical area of responsibility covers England, Normandy, Southern Italy, North Africa and part of present-day Turkey and Syria. To be a Guild Master one has to have a PhD/ThD as well as a minimum of thirty years of top-level experience and continuous work as a stonemason (for instance, Master Stephen was Master Mason at Windsor Castle and is a Blue Riband winner). He is widely regarded as the finest English Baroque carver in the world and has a waiting list of several years for top clients. His guild, the European Guild of Master Masons (EGMM), was founded in 1096 and the Master's expertise is therefore partly based on the accumulated knowledge of a continuous line of Masters he can name back to the founding Master, Robert de Bessie, in 1080. Building for the Future... Master Stephen donates nine months of his working year for free, whilst the guild Clerk, Colin Howey, donates over half of his to build the guild. The time has come to pass on a millennium of accumulated skills and culture to a new generation. Accordingly, we will be training forty young people on seven-year apprenticeships over the next decade, together with an additional forty mates (labourers) to work alongside the masons. A Tripartite Guild... The Guild of St. Stephen and St George is a tripartite collegiate guild, supporting Craft, Collegiate and Frith (members welfare) goals for its apprentices and members. The craft - and to some extent the collegiate objectives – will be resourced through the guild’s ‘trading arm’, Gildencraft C.I.C, where a portfolio of real conservation, construction and design projects are developing. We are entirely unrelated to the Freemasons.

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Via our social enterprise, Gildencraft Stone Masonry C.I.C., we cover all aspects of stonemasonry: conservation, modern design, construction etc.


Guild of St Stephen & St George
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