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Chris Tummings Actor/ Singer/ Musician and Craftsman. When Chris is not in front of a camera filming or treading the boards on a stage, he can be found in his workshop handcrafting these amazing music instruments from the finest choice pieces of Bamboo sourced from around the world. Bamboo Saxophones and Bamboo Flutes. Creator of the company Goldstar Bamboosax, Chris is dedicated to passing on the skills of crafting and playing these wonderful instruments to anyone who happens to be interested. Chris and Goldstar BambooSax can be found trading at Brick Lane’s Sunday Upmarket, usually from 10 till 5pm

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  1. Bamboo Saxophones and Flutes
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The Shogun C BambooSax

Made from the finest Mossa bamboo from china. This very popular instrument is a real beauty indeed, with the sexy saxophone sound to match.