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I am a basket maker with some flavouring of a willow artist. I make various types of baskets and am all the time looking to learn to make more. I teach these skills in adult classes. I also make sculptures using metal armatures , which are overlaid with a willow skin. I can do this by commission, but more commonly, I will make the armature and then work with a client to complete the piece. This can offer be organisations or schools.

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I am currently developing a combination of my two key areas, developing the making of sculptural baskets, making metal armatures that are them weaved through with willow. The advantage of using metal in this way is the strength of the structure and the way apertures and unusual shapes  can be applied without weakening the structures.


Wayside willow
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Simple round basket

This basket is the style I use on my beginners basket course.  It had several different types of weave used in the making and a couple of different border options.  These are size of your typical bucket and would make a fine waste paper basket. I sell these for £30