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We are master handsewn shoemakers (cordwainers) who make beautiful, bespoke shoes that combine the traditions of our heritage, British craft with a modern aesthetic, colour and detail. We design each pair of bespoke shoes to suit our customer's personal taste, style and of course, fit.
We founded and run the London handsewn shoe making school, opening up opportunities for novice enthusiasts to learn this heritage craft on evening classes, our famous 12-day intensive course and one-day introductory hand lasting classes at our workshop in London's iconic Oxo Tower Wharf building. We are proud to include Maud van den Broecke (Horace Batten Bootmakers), Seiji McCarthy, Ann Marika-Verploeghchasse (Stiefelwerks NY), Jesse Moore (NY), Louis Smith (Old Sole), Tom Murphy (Chapter Two), William Laborde, George's Shoe Repairs, William Laborde and Fadairo Oluwamuyiwa (John Lobb) amongst our alumni.

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Specialised in
Handsewn shoe making (cordwaining) and shoe making training


Carreducker London Limited
1.20 Oxo Tower Wharf
Barge House Street

Supplies Shop

We sell a wide variety of tools, materials and specialist kits for practising shoemakers from around the globe, helping students to continue making using the best materials, tools and supplies, and supporting specialist tanneries and manufacturers wherever we can. For instance, our bottoming leathers come from Bakers of Colyton in Devon; lasts and shoe trees come from Spring Line in Northampton; shoehorns and sleeking bones come from Abbeyhorn in Cumbria; buckles and hardware come from Abbey England in Knutsford; many of our tools are from Barnsley  in Sheffield; and our Carreducker shoe polish comes from bees in the Borders.