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Carréducker make handsewn shoes that combine the tradition of a centuries-old craft with a modern aesthetic. They're known for their use of colour, attention to detail and customer service, designing to each individual customer's taste, style and of course, fit. The company was founded by master shoemakers Deborah Carré and James Ducker in December 2004. The business partners met whilst completing their traditional shoemaking apprenticeships. Keen to pass on their skills, they started teaching the handsewn craft in 2006 and continue to lead the way in teaching, sharing their skills and techniques online through their blog and a year-round programme of courses, classes and workshops at their Shoe & Leather School in Shoreditch. Here they run evening classes, shoemaking masterclasses, train apprentices and teach courses in shoemaking, pattern making and closing. Keen to explore the interdisciplinary nature of leather and leather crafts, they also teach introductory leather workshops and incorporate techniques and materials from other leather crafts in their work. Carreducker's distinctive approach - their unique combination of modern styling and ancient craft - is celebrated in the Design Museum's permanent exhibition, Designer Maker User in London. They bring this aesthetic to bear in the limited runs of unisex, shoes and boots that they make with artisanal manufacturers across Britain: desert boots made in Suffolk, leather work boots made in Derbyshire and slippers and loafers made in Norfolk.

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Handsewn shoe making (cordwaining)


Carreducker London Limited
50 Chocolate Studios
7 Shepherdess Place
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Shoe & Leather School

There’s nothing more satisfying than learning to make something yourself and shoemaking is one of the most rewarding crafts to pursue. (Naturally, we’re a little bit biased!) Learn the traditional skills of the cordwainer (shoemaker) and make a pair of leather shoes on an evening class or one-to-one making alongside us in the workshop.