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Catriona is an Award-winning Glassblower and Glasscutter based in the South West of England. Cat also uses her twin passions, silversmithing and lamp-worked glass to create contemporary jewellery. In 2005, she graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a 2:1 honours degree, specialising in glass blowing and casting. While studying her degree she was chosen on merit to attend Alfred University, NY state to study Glassblowing and Molten Casting for six months. She then attended the International Glass Centre, in the West Midlands, where she earned five distinctions in blown and carved glass. She has also wan funding towards 2 separate masterclasses at Northland run by Simon Moore, Janusz Pozniak and Tobias Mohl. Her work has been exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery in London as part of the prestigious COLLECT exhibition, at London Glassblowing and in galleries throughout the UK and abroad. In 2013 she won the Craft & Design Magazine's Silver Award for Glass, and was a finalist in 2014 and 2016. In 2015, Catriona was chosen to receive business mentoring by the Crafts Council's Hothouse programme (hothouse 5). In 2016 R&A Collaborations made two films about Catriona's work. These can be viewed on vimeo - "Dance of Glass"and "Sparks" Catriona moved into her current studio space at Centrespace in October 2016, moving into a large space there in 2017. She creates her contemporary jewellery and teach beginners lampworking from her studio. She also teaching bigger groups at various institutions.

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Glassblowing Glasscutting - lathe, sandblasting, engraving Lampworking - soft and boro Jewellery Design Jewellery Production Photography
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Yes, by appointment only
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Available - please ask about pricing


FRITH Glassware & Catriona R MacKenzie Jewellery
Centrespace studios, Studio 16
6 Leonard Lane

Drizzle Vases

These gorgeous handblown glass vases are made by myself, Catriona R. MacKenzie. I have spent the last 12 years perfecting my glassblowing skills, and each one of my pieces is lovingly made. They are available in lots of stunning transparent colours.
I blow each vase by hand in the studio, so they are all individual and unique. They are lovely on their own, or in a group.
Each vase is cooled down in a kiln overnight and given a ground base. It is then decorated with a resist and a frosted drizzle design is sandblasted onto the exterior. The resist is then removed, and a protective solution is rubbed into the surface to repel dust and grease marks.

No two are the same, making it a truly original gift. They are roughly 6.5 inches tall (they vary due to being a handmade product) and each one comes in its very own gift-box made from Eco-friendly cardboard, so that’s gifts sorted!!

NB – Not suitable for dishwashers!

To keep surface clean, dust with a glass-cleaner, and rub a tiny amount of vaseline/baby oil into the surface.