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We are a father and son team of engineers that design and hand make scientifically accurate representations of our Solar System. These instruments known commonly as 'Orrery' have been historically significant in teaching the heliocentric model of our Solar System for over 300 years.

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Designing and hand-making  scientifically accurate bespoke models of our Solar System commonly referred to as orrery.
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The Tellurion Orrery

A finely engineered, technically complex brass Orrery of the Earth and the Moon as they travel around the Sun. The Tellurion Orrery is designed and handmade in England by Staines & Son.

The Tellurion Orrery primary demonstrates the Earth as it moves around the Sun, the word Tellurion coming from the Latin tellus, meaning Earth.

The Tellurion demonstrates the precession of the nodes. This means that this Orrery can precisely demonstrate why and when eclipses can occur.

The Orrery is driven by turning the handle clockwise which initiates a smooth and positive drive from the worm gear to the worm wheel.

This Orrery shows the movements of the Earth in great detail with its’ 23.5 degree axial tilt spinning 365.256 times during one complete orbit. One Turn of the handle is equal to 5 Earth days. The fixed position of the axial tilt relative to the stars explains the changing of the seasons.

The Moon mimics it’s true life counter part in three ways as it travels around the Earth.Firstly the Moon orbits in a synodic period of 29.53days. Secondly the Moon follows an incline plane of 5 degrees. Thirdly the incline plane that represents the Lunar Orbit precesses over a period of 18.6 years.
The combination of the three movements of the Moon listed above help to demonstrate why eclipses occur and why they do not occur each month. The brass incline plane has been engraved with the ascending and descending node at the point were the Lunar orbit matches the ecliptic.

The Orrery sits upon a American Walnut wood base supported by three adjustable instrument legs.
The total height of the Orrery is 10 inches, the base is 8 inches in diameter and the earth arm is 5 inches from the centre. (All sizes are approximate)

The Orrery in the picture will not be the exact one that you receive as each of our Orreries are handmade to order. An Orrery of this type will typically take up to 3 moths to build. Prices from £1400.

Base features of this Orrery

  • The 18.6 year precession of the nodes.
  • The Earth’s Daily rotation.
  • The Earth annual rotation.
  • The annual tilting of the Earth’s axis.
  • The incline of the moons orbit.
  • Turned Brass Sun.
  • Adjustable Brass feet.
  • Walnut base

Additional Extras for this Orrery

  • Mercury and Venus
  • Brass chapter ring