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We are a father and son team of engineers that design and hand make scientifically accurate representations of our Solar System. These instruments known commonly as 'Orrery' have been historically significant in teaching the heliocentric model of our Solar System for over 300 years.

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Designing and hand-making  scientifically accurate bespoke models of our Solar System commonly referred to as orrery.
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The Genesis Orrery

The new nine planet Orrery coined ‘The Genesis’ uses an advance drive train delivery system that powers each planet and their orbiting moons independently from their neighbouring planets. This new method of gear train greatly increases the fluidity of the planets and their moons as they orbit.

It also allows for a greater number of orbiting moons on each planetary arm without sacrificing this smooth movement. The  number of moons that surround each planet are only limited to the space available on the planetary arms which due to gravity are restricted in length.

The Genesis Orrery drive train would allow for a mightily impressive six planet Orrery as the room for moons on both Jupiter and Saturn would be greatly increased.