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About Staines & Son Orrery Makers

We are a father and son team of engineers that design and hand make scientifically accurate representations of our Solar System. These instruments known commonly as 'Orrery' have been historically significant in teaching the heliocentric model of our Solar System for over 300 years.

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Specialised in
Designing and hand-making  scientifically accurate bespoke models of our Solar System commonly referred to as orrery.
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Inner Planet Orrery

The Inner Planet Orrery is a demonstration of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars as they travel around the Sun. This Orrery can be upgraded to represent the unique activities that belong to each planet such as; the ecliptic orbit of Mercury, the retrograde motion of Venus and the two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos

Base feature on this Orrery.

  • The Earth’s Daily rotation.
  • The Earth’s annual rotation.
  • The annual tilting of the Earth’s axis.
  • The incline of the moons orbit.
  • Mercury’s annual rotation.
  • Venus’ annual rotation.
  • Mars’ annual rotation.
  • Engraved brass chapter ring or dial chapter rings.
  • Turned Brass Sun.
  • Adjustable Brass feet.
  • Hardwood base.