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I am a monumental mason to trade, Letter-carver in the making. Based in central Scotland, I have produced many memorials over those years that are erected all across the county. I have gained extensive knowledge of material and have learnt to respect stone, lettering forms and spacing. Throughout my career and through courses I’ve attended that have specialised in letter carving. I Finally made the jump to freelance, As my passion lies with using traditional methods of carving - using hand tools to create private commissioned carvings & letter-forms. This year (2023) I was granted a training bursary through heritage craft which will allow me to train along side a master craft person to enhance my craft and letter cutting. This timeless craft of letter carving has been used for centuries and I aim to continue this and promote beautifully cut letters in Scotland.

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I specialise in creating memorials using both modern and traditional techniques. Gilding to a high standard, creating personalised inscriptions to suit. The renovation of discarded memorials to create new blanks for reuse. Bespoke designs on granite.
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Yes, by appointment only
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Available - please ask about pricing


Hand-carved, raised letters, in Portuguese slate.
To be used as signage for a workshop.