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Pyrites Living & Learning with Nature Consultant & Tutor for Experiential Education, Teacher Training & Personal Development Bernard Graves, founder of Pyrites - Living & Learning with Nature - an educational initiative that promotes and facilitates Practical Skills Education in Schools & Practical Skills Teacher Training Courses throughout the UK and worldwide. Bernard is an experienced traditional craft practitioner and tutor, both with children and adults, facilitating workshops in a variety practical skills and activities combining ancient and contemporary technologies as a means to access vital areas of experience and learning. Currently engaged in writing a craft book: Crafting - Practice, Experience & learning.   

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Pyrites Practical Skills Teacher Development Course (PSTDC)CRAFT IN OUR TIME Craft can offer many experiences. A sense of creativity, inspiration and imagination, a means of learning through making and a deep sense of empowerment and value. The Practical Skills Teacher Development Course aims to inspire, offer an opportunity for re-development and re-deployment of skills already acquired. Deepen our understanding for both the educational and therapeutic opportunities and value for the practice of traditional craft work and learning through making. PRACTICAL ACTIVITIES: The craft course involves seven practical crafts spread over seven weekends with one activity perweekend: ‘Fleece to Felt ’, ‘Skin to Leather ’,‘Traditional Willow Basketry ’, ‘GreenWoodwork ’, ‘From Clay to Pot and Building aPaper Slip Kiln ’ ‘Pit Forge and Blacksmithing ’ & Leaded Stained Glass . These provide anexperience of ‘Descent into Matter’; working withmaterials from the Three Kingdoms of NatureAnimal, Plant and Mineral). Each of the craftweekends is introduced and led by different guest tutor.
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11, Bisley Road
United Kingdom
01453 767208

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