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Artisan silversmith and trainee maille maker (chainmail).   The traditional silversmithing method of raising is used primarily in Anna’s silverware. One disc of silver is hammered and formed to create pieces that will last a lifetime. Texture and imagery is often added by way of chasing and repousse. Each piece of silverware is designed to be not only tactile and useful but to become an heirloom piece that has years of memories attached to it.   Combining silversmithing with maille making sees an interweaving of skills. Anna is learning the more intricate areas of maille making including riveting, tailoring and tool making to help promote this critically endangered craft. The current piece she is working on is an historically accurate replica of a Kulah Khud helmet in The Wallace Collection. Each link is handmade and joined by hand to create the Persian maille section. The steel helmet is also being made by Anna using the silversmithing techniques of raising and planishing.   Anna can regularly be found at craft events, re enactments and locations such as the Weald & Downland museum giving talks and demos on her crafts.   Commissions are always welcome.

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Persian Maille – current work in progress

Historically accurate piece I am currently working on. This is the Maille section for a Kulah Khud helmet that I am also working on applying silversmithing skills.